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Mattresses With Stabilizing Interior Springs, Probably The Single Most Significant Advance In Mattress Design.

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About Us

Royal Rest Mattress, rely on their very competitive pricing for greater appeal and are nevertheless manufacture

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Main Products

Rubberized Coir
Bonded Foam(2 side)
Quilted Foam (2 side)

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How To Process?


Two Side Quality is the main attraction of our Mattress. so the Buyer can use Both Side. Deep Sleep Bring a Healthy body and a fresh mind Available at all our leadind shops its depending on more Heigh Quality in less Prize. Our mattresses come in 12 different sizes.Our strength is not just dependent on our range of futuristic offerings for various consumers. But its also a result of the trust and security that our customers have invested.

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Royal Rest mattress is a reputed company which develops and market high quality mattresses in kannur ,Kerala. Royal Rest Mattress was established in 2000. Product quality and customer satisfaction are the priorities of the company always. Generous comfort layers are combined with a firm feel open coil spring system to ensure that this tufted mattress provides a supportive night's sleep. Our innovative range of products underlines our focus on not just sleep but on quality sleep.